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Now You Can Get the Best Ideas from 67 of the Greatest Marketing Books Ever Written - in One Evening!

Discover the best marketing and copywriting tips and techniques from dozens of classic marketing books written by Robert Collier, David Ogilvy, Jay Abraham, Seth Godin, and other top marketing gurus...less than 44 cents a tip!

Dear Marketer:

Decades ago, when I would give a talk to a group of marketers and ask how many had read “Scientific Advertising” by Claude Hopkins ... or “The Robert Collier Letter Book” by Robert Collier ... or “Magic Words” by Ted Nicholas ...

... maybe 10 out of 100 would raise their hands.

But today when I ask the same question, it’s maybe one or two who raise their hands – and sometimes, none.

The tragedy in marketing today is this: there is small core of marketing books – some new, others classics – that, if you read them, will put you light years ahead of 99.9% of your competitors in terms of copywriting and marketing knowledge.

Yet, for various reasons, you probably haven’t read more than a handful of them.

A few are out-of-print and hard to get. But also, you’re incredibly busy – and books take time to read. And many of these classic marketing books you should be reading you may not even have heard of!

That’s where my 84-page ebook, Great Marketing Tips from 67 of the Best Marketing Books of All Time, can help.

My co-editor Frank Girard and I spent many long hours searching through 67 of the most valuable and important marketing books ... some classics, others new ... and then extracted from each what we thought was the most single valuable nugget of advice contained in its pages.

Now, by reading Great Marketing Tips from 67 of the Best Marketing Books of All Time, you can get – in less than a day’s reading – invaluable copywriting tips and marketing ideas that used to be part of the standard education for any self-respecting marketer – but today are largely forgotten.


  • 9 proven ways to get more customers from the late, great Dick Benson. Chapter 1.
  • Hypnotic writer Joe Vitale’s secret for connecting with customers so they will buy. Chapter 2.
  • Jay Abraham on the strategy of preeminence. Chapter 23.
  • How Claude Hopkins used bottle washing to turn Schlitz into the #1 beer brand in 6 months. Chapter 11.
  • How to write winning titles for books and special reports. Chapter 24.
  • Max Sackheim invented the Book of the Month Club. Here’s the one deadly mistake he says all marketers must avoid. Chapter 3.
  • Vic Schwab’s 5 fundamentals for writing copy that sells. Chapter 25.
  • 3 things you should never do when writing a sales letter. Chapter 12.
  • Robert Cialdini’s 6 primary principles of persuasion. Ignore them at your peril. Chapter 27.
  • This one tip from Dan Kennedy that can cut your cost of making a new sale by 80% . Chapter 4.
  • David Ogilvy on the power of testimonials. Page 16.
  • 4 tips for telling powerful stories in your marketing. Chapter 5.
  • 7 steps to writing a winning sales letter from retail marketing genius Murray Raphael. Can you name them all? Chapter 14.
  • What the evening news can teach you about capturing the prospect’s attention. Chapter 6.
  • Dr. Jeffrey Lant’s 3 simple techniques for getting consumers to order now instead of later. Chapter 15.
  • Eugene Schwartz’s 3 steps to getting the market to desperately desire what you are selling. Chapter 29.
  • 4 proven ways to retain more customers longer. Chapter 58.
  • Master the magic of “reason-why” advertising. Chapter 33.
  • 6 great formulas for writing copy leads that work. Chapter 55.
  • Does sex in advertising really work? The answer may surprise you. Chapter 45.
  • 3 tips for improving your word of mouth marketing. Chapter 54.
  • Jeff Walker’s 4 proven tips for achieving massive success with your new product launches. Chapter 47.
  • Ed McLean, author of the classic Newsweek direct mail package (“If the list upon which I found your name is any indication”), advises you on how to become a better copywriter. Chapter 16.
  • What’s the ideal length for money-back guarantees? 30 days? 90 days? Chapter 7.
  • Trout and Reiss’s 3 immutable laws of marketing success. Chapter 35.
  • How to use fear as a motivator in your sales copy. Chapter 8.
  • The great Joe Sugarman reveals an easy technique for getting prospects to keep reading your copy no matter how long it is. Chapter 17.
  • What you have to show your prospects in your ad to convince them to buy from you. Chapter 9.
  • A no-brainer way to create huge buzz that helped Ben and Jerry get rich and famous. Chapter 39.
  • 3 factors that astronomically multiple the power of headlines according to the legendary John Caples. Chapter 40.
  • The copy logic behind Volkswagen’s classic “think small” print ad. Chapter 10.
  • 10 questions you must ask about your prospects before you write your copy. Chapter 19.
  • 3 powerful marketing ideas from the originator of guerilla marketing, Jay Conrad Levison. Chapter 49.
  • What P.T. Barnum can tell you about keeping customers satisfied. Chapter 22.
  • 3 ways to improve results from trade show exhibiting. Chapter 50.
  • And so much more....

"Bob, What a great resource! I've tried to acquire some of the books on your list and many of them are either impossible to find or cost hundreds of dollars! Thank you!"
--Christiane Marshall

"Bob, this is amazing! Page after page of only the very best of so many of my favorite books -- succinctly and conveniently summarized. And gems from books and people I've yet to discover-- effortlessly handed to me on a silver plate!
--David L. Deutsch, Top Direct Response Writer and Author, Think Inside the Box!

"In case you wondered how highly I regarded the "Great Marketing Tips" book (and even if you didn't) here's a photo to show how important it is to this writer: I sent the PDF over to my local AlphaGraphics (great outfit) and had it printed and bound for permanent reference.
I don't do that with every info product I receive, but this book is one I want to have at my fingertips. I'm glad I made the investment."
--Mark A. Kellner

One of the great things that separates direct marketing from most other fields of human endeavor is that the masters have always freely shared their knowledge with students, employees, vendors, and even competitors -- and the great ones have almost all done so by writing books teaching what they learned through their years of expensive marketing experience.

Yes, you could go to graduate school and spend 18 months and $50,000 to get an MBA in marketing. But I promise that if you read the 67 books we excerpt from in our ebook, Great Marketing Tips from 67 of the Best Marketing Books of All Time, you will know 10X more about what really works in marketing -- in the real world -- than any MBA (and virtually any marketing professor) on the planet!

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Decades ago Jay Abraham boasted that at $2,000 an hour he was the highest paid marketing consultant in the world. Today he charges 5 grand an hour.

Dan Kennedy charges $18,800 a day ... and he turns down way more clients then he accepts. I can’t even get the guy on the phone to say hi!

I only charge my corporate clients a paltry $500 an hour, but with a 10-hour minimum, with the $5,000 payable up front.

But you won’t pay $5,000 ... $500 ... or even $50 to learn from the dozens of master marketers and copywriters who shares their ideas with you in my ebook.

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Sincerely,Bly SignatureBob Bly

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  • Tom Collins’ 10 secrets for writing great space ads. Page 116.
  • 3 ways to increase the sales of luxury products to wealthy people. Page 84.
  • Where to place the hyperlinks in e-mail marketing messages and landing pages. Page 69.
  • How to make sure your prospects reads the most important paragraph in your sales copy. Page 27.
  • 3 proven techniques for keeping your new business pipeline full. Page 17.
  • Stop spam filters from blocking your e-mail marketing messages. Page 59.
  • How to triple response rates from customers who prefer to pay by check. Page 103.
  • A crafty way to get past voice mail and reach the prospect when cold calling. Page 75.
  • And more....

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